Top household hazards for dogs and cats

Our pets are like our children. Just like children when they roam our house, they stumble to many things and these sometimes cause hazards to them. Dogs, especially the young ones like to explore, they play with ropes, our shoes, etc. They unknowingly fell into accidents. Here I give a list of things to watch for. 

Common household objects that are potentially hazardous

  1. Electrical Cords

  2. Lead-based Paint

  3. Cleaning Supplies

  4. Antifreeze

  5. Insecticides

  6. House Plants

  7. Alcoholic beverages

  8. Prescription drugs

  9. Artificial sweeteners

  10. Chocolates

  11. Sewing needles, fishing hooks

  12. Rat poison

Besides the above lists, there are some elements of house design that is hazardous to pets. An open window, Slippery floor, Stairs are also dangerous to pets.

  1. Electrical cords- Cats like to chew electrical cord. To prevent them from getting electrocuted consider wrapping cords in rubber covers that can be purchased at most stores that sell electrical and home repair supplies. Putting the cords inside PVC tubing is also an option. You can also rub them with a citrus scent, which cats dislike and will avoid.
    [caption id="attachment_3084" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Hazards for cats and dogs Cats like to chew wires, They can easily get electrocuted by chewing the electric wires.[/caption]

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  3. Lead-based paints- Thankfully lead-based paints are not common nowadays. Earlier lead poisoning used to happen in pets, but they still pose threat through old worn out batteries, etc. Keep your pets away from renovation projects.Household hazards for dogs and cats

  4. Cleaning supplies- Laundry cleaner, glass cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, bathroom cleaners, drain opener, laundry detergent all are hazardous for pets. Keep them away from pets. Sometimes gaseous residue from cleaning agents pose threat to pets when they are let inside a room with these cleaning agents. Therefore, try keeping cleaning agents in a tight closet. household hazards

  5. Antifreeze- Is a Sweet but Deadly Poison for Pets. Ethylene glycol, the main ingredient in most antifreeze brands, has an inviting aroma and a sweet flavour. Its appealing smell and taste often tempt animals and children to drink the highly poisonous substance. There are many household items that contain ethylene glycols. from lubricating paints, paint primers, floor cleaners, agricultural items. To see the full list click here

  6. Insecticides- Avoid chemical insecticide as much as possible. Dogs love a carpet of thick green grass. They run around on it, roll on it, dig it, and stick their noses in it. Whatever collects on their feet and coat outdoors stays there until the next time they get a bath. Consequently, when cats and dogs lick their paws they get poisoned. Better to use natural insecticides in your garden. 

  7. Household Plants. Chrysanthemums, daffodils, tomato plants, lily, and many other plants are hazardous for dogs and cats. To see the full list click here.

Christmas tree poisonous?

Pine, fir, or spruce, any evergreen tree contains small amounts of essential oils that make it smell great but hard on an unsuspecting stomach. The real danger though is consuming a big volume. If your pet acquires a taste for trees (either real or fake), enough pine needles can form a wad in the GI tract and cause an obstruction.

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