Do you know your dog's ticks can kill you in 48 hours!!

Surprised! A new deadly species of tick has been found in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. These ticks can kill you in 48 hours. If these ticks stick to your body for 48 hours and you missed to notice, then you are bound to suffer some kind of ill effects. temporary paralysis. vomiting, nausea or breathing trouble. A tick can be as small as the tip of a pen and can go largely unnoticed on a person or animal

Originally these ticks were found in deers. Probably due to the destruction of forests, constant human interference, these ticks now affects dogs too. Human is not its hosts, but they carry diseases that affect humans. 

 These ticks are known as Asian longhorned tick (Haemaphysalis longicornis). Recently as April 2019, these tick has invaded Staten Island, New York, and health officials are warning people there is a concern this tick could transmit diseases.

According to a new Columbia University study published in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, the invasive tick species may pose a greater risk in New York than previously thought.

According to Meredith VanAcker, a member of Diuk-Wasser's lab who collected the data as part of her Ph.D. thesis. "And because females don't need to find male mates for reproduction, it is easier for the population to spread." This makes this tick most dangerous. 
The tick was identified for the first time on a farm in Ames, Iowa in Hunterdon County on November 9, 2017.

As the temperature begins to rise and the flowers blossom, this little problem gets bigger and bigger.

How do tick affect us

There are many species of dog ticks that are harmless to us. Fortunately, only one or two species are a problem for us.

If you live in Northern hemisphere or in countries such as the USA or Canada, there is a disease called Lyme disease. Ticks carry these bacteria of Lyme disease known scientifically as Borrelia burgdorferi. 

Contrary to popular belief, any ticks can carry Lyme disease bacteria. It depends upon the region you live in.

In the Northeast, Midwest, and South, of USA disease is transmitted primarily by the black-legged tick traditionally known as the deer tick. On the West Coast, the culprit is the Western black-legged tick (Ixodes pacificus).

In Canada, one in every five humans is at risk. Scientists expect more cases of Lyme disease this year. The situation in Canada is probably better, as per statistics.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="268"]your dog's tick can make you sick Lyme Disease map of USA[/caption]

In 2017, 3943 dogs in Canada tested positively for Lyme Disease in contrast to almost 303,000 U.S. dogs. This year alone, there have been 179 positive cases of Lyme Disease in Canadian dogs as opposed to over 22,000 in the States.

Additionally, earlier in 2013, there was a series of attacks of Powassan virus. This is deadlier than Lyme. This virus affecting us through ticks can kill you in 48 hours.

This Newly found tick is yet to be studied. Instead of affected you through diseases such as Possawan virus or Lyme disease, these new ticks affect our systems directly through its toxin. This is why once bitten, these ticks can kill you in 48 hours.

What Ticks does to dogs

When there are ticks in the body of dogs, our dog is in trouble. There is always something wriggling in their body.

Sometimes these ticks go inside the dog's ear and it is double trouble. As a result, there is constantly itching. dogs itch their body and there is rash all over their body.

What exactly Lyme disease do to us!!

According to a study conducted by Ramb A, Ferreira M.A, Barraviera B, Haddad J.R.V.  on The first reported case of human tick paralysis in Brazil found ticks can induce a motor illness causing an acute, ascending flaccid paralysis with a rapid clinical evolution and lethal if not immediately treated both in humans and in animals. It is mainly related to ixodid ticks by existent neurotoxins in the females saliva.

The symptom includes fever, a rash, and fatigue. If left untreated, Lyme disease can cause facial paralysis and heart and neurological disorders. This is just an oversimplification of the probable problems we might face. 

Unfortunately, the hormonal system is the main victim of this disease. Blood glucose levels become altered, increasing adrenalin level, making us tired and depressed.

There may be hallucinations and schizophrenia-like symptoms. This is popularly known as psychiatric symptoms of Lyme disease

Why Lyme disease is increasing

You may be wondering why Lyme is increasing. With modern day medicine, anti-tick sprays and deterrents the disease should decrease instead, it is rising. Well, This is happening due to global warming. Global warming gives Ticks longer time to feed, as there is longer spring or summer in countries like Canada. They get a better chance of multiplication. 

 According to a recent study published in the journal, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B Larval ticks are coming out earlier and infecting more hosts, and are thus increasing the overall number of Lyme disease-carrying creatures.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="248"]your dog's tick can make you sick Lyme carrying ticks[/caption]

Consequently, the researchers concluded that in warmer years, ticks emerged as much as three weeks early, which poses a risk to public health. This year 2018 is one such year. This is why authorities in Canada are extra cautious this time. 

Other diseases which are transmitted to human via Dog ticks are 

  1. Anaplasmosis

  2. Babesiosis

  3. Ehrlichiosis

  4. Q fever 

  5. Rocky mountain fever

  6. Tick-associated rash

  7. Tick paralysis

Why are tick's population increasing

With the latest inventions in science, awareness and tick prevention measures, the population of ticks should have gone down. Instead, it keeps on increasing and through mutation, we are seeing deadlier ticks. Why is this happening!! 

The reason being due to ignorance of only one fact.


There is indiscriminate use of pesticides in pets, in forests, in crops, in our garden, in our drinks. Pesticides bring down our immunity and encourage mutation among other living organisms. The stakeholders of pesticide companies are big corporates. 

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="615"]mindless use of pesticides Which countries use most pesticides?[/caption]

No country is thinking of controlling ticks naturally, it is almost always pesticides. We have learned nothing from DDT fiasco of the 70s. Pesticides are responsible for the deadly and quicker mutation so that ticks can kill you.

Perhaps human beings are destined to perish this way!

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