Do you know your GSD can become lame without any cause!!

This is happening just too often now. A healthy GSD Pup, who is very playful, suddenly starts limping. When brought to our clinic, radiographic examination reveals no sign of crack or fracture of bones. After treatment the dog becomes good and then again after a week or a month, the dog again starts limping in another leg. 

This condition is called Panosteitis. This condition is classified under developmental disease, as this affects growing pups mostly.

Who is most affected!!

 Though it affects mostly the German Shepherds but can happen to Dobermans, Goldens, Saint Bernards, Bassetts, and Labradors too. Dogs mostly of 3 to 18 months of age are affected. Males are known to be affected more than female.

Cause- the Exact cause is unknown. Some genetic cause might be there, but scientists have failed to point to any cause.

Signs- Pain, Fever, Limping, refusing to eat, yelp when long bones are touched.

Treatment- Most of the times the disease cures on its own. It cures and reappears. Reappears on another leg.

sometimes treatment is necessary.

Treatments are -

  1. Immediate pain relief medicine

  2. Changing diet and food

  3. Excercise restriction and rest

  4. applying pressure bandage also helps.


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