Why my dog smell like urine and how to cure?

The reason of stinky smell in dogs or mouse like odour in dogs is fungal infection

This fungal infection can be in whole body or back or in her ears. Mostly it happens in the ear. The smell can be so strong that, people in the room may feel sick.

stinking smell in dog

As being a vet I would suggest to culture the skin scraping and know what causes it and treat likewise. Just in case you want to do it all on your own without going to vet. You may first shampoo your dog with a shampoo such as Sebolytic shampoo. After at least two times applying this shampoo, another shampoo which is antifungal shampoo is used.

The stinking smell may come from dog's ear too. There might be too much wax along with the fungal infection. In that case first, the ar is cleansed. The best solution to clean dog ear is chlorohexidine wipes. Never put anything pointing inside dog's ear. Do it with your fingers. Better wear gloves. After thoroughly cleaning the inside of ear apply 4 drops of antifungal ear drop. Daily cleaning of the ear should be done till the smell is gone.

Another reason of stinking smell is urine. Sometimes younger dogs like to roll their body in their pee. If that is the case, watch out!! The smell can spread to your body too!!

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