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K. D Dog breeder

A dog breeder with a difference

K.D is a dog breeder with a difference. What differentiates him from other breeder is that he provides top quality pups. His golden retriever pups are truly golden.
Earlier Ranchi was dominated by a few monopolistic dog breeder, who with inferior quality pets used to charge an exorbitant price. 

Dr Akshay provides high-quality pups at a competitive price. He is our associate too. He recommends our Pluto Pet clinic, Ranchi to his clients and we take care of his client's dog. 

Recent developments- K. D has become so popular in Ranchi that there are now some miscreants who claim to be K. D and are doing many bad things. One of the fake. K.D claims to treat dogs and is doing door to door vaccination of the dogs. Our request to pet owners is that please be aware that this guy is not original K. D and he is somebody else, he is just using the name of K. D for his own profit. Please never get your dog vaccinated just by anybody, contact a qualified vet to get your dog vaccinated.

Always get your dogs and cats vaccinated as per schedule. Kumar K. D specializes in selling quality dogs of the following breeds Labrador.

The contact number of K. D 7717798901 and 8210445181
Please remember to get your pet checked by Dr. Sircar before taking the pet to your home.


Contact us

Contact us for treatment and vaccination of your dogs and cats

Pluto Pet Clinic,

Opposite Indira Place
Hinoo, Ranchi-834002, mobile-9934177145

Please don't call us for buying pets, Call us for vaccination and treatment only

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