Dozens of dogs sick eating popular dog food Advance Dermocare

More than 70 dogs across Australia have been struck down by a debilitating and incurable illness, 7.30 can reveal, with a popular pet food being investigated as the cause.

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Melbourne University have confirmed 74 cases of megaesophagus, and in all cases the dogs ate Advance Dermocare.

Advance Dermocare dry dog food was voluntarily recalled at the end of last month after a spike in megaesophagus cases was discovered.

The rare condition causes the oesophagus to become enlarged and lose the ability to move food down to the stomach.Advance Dermacare

Melbourne University said it would likely take months to determine whether there was a definitive link to the food.

The manufacturer said its investigations had not revealed a root cause, but it had offered to reimburse vet bills.

7.30 has spoken to a number of owners who say their dogs have megaesophagus and were being fed Advance Dermocare.

The condition can be fatal and 7.30 is aware of eight cases where the dogs have been euthanased.

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