Easy vet recommended Kong recipe ideas your dog will love eating!!

Wondering what to put inside a kong!

Most people suggest using the dog's kibble, along with a variety of healthy food choices. Maybe kibble, chopped carrots and a bit of yogurt one day. Then kibble, frozen peas, and mashed potatoes the next.

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Pet owners put so much stress on the content of kong that they forget what is good and what is bad for the dog. Therefore, It is important to learn what a dog can and cannot eat. Unfortunately, the information on the Internet is mixed and therefore confusing.

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Kong recipe for stuffing

Here are some kong recipes that have worked well with dog owners.
Kong Scrambled eggs

cook scrambled eggs in very low heat, fold it with pieces of bacon inside it. Put this inside the kong.
Put some shredded cheese on top of Kong opening. microwave for 10 seconds. Cool thoroughly before giving it to your dog.

Chicken Pea

cook lean ground chicken or beef along with grounded peas and carrot. Put this inside the kong.
Add Velveeta in the opening.

Chicken Jerky

Buy boneless and skinless chicken. Put them into freezer for two hours until they are hard but still malleable. Cut the meat into thin strips. Lay them flat on the dehydrator trays. Run the device about 6–8 hours for 3–4 lbs of chicken. mix the meat with slighly moistened food nuggets. put this inside the kong with peanut butter in the opening.

Easiest Kong recipe

fill the bottom half of the kong with kibble and then the second half with either a peanut butter/ yogurt mixture, pumpkin/ yogurt mixture, or applesauce/ yogurt mixture. Then freeze it.

Never do this to your dog

I have seen dogs with their bottom jaw stuck in Kongs in my clinic because they shove their muzzle in it to get to the stuff stuck towards the end. Therefore, never put sticky stuff at the bottom of your kong. For complete peace of mind, it is better to stick with something that can roll out easily(such as scrambled eggs) after the good stuff is eaten.

Is it safe to feed peanut butter to a dog?

Peanut butter is the most used ingredient at the top or at the opening of the Kong. Therefore, it is natural to think whether it is safe!! Here are some facts:
Peanut butter is rich in natural fats and protein, but too much of a good thing can lead to obesity and other health complications like pancreatitis.
There are two things you can do to figure out how much peanut butter to feed your dog on a regular basis. The first and most reliable option is to call your veterinarian and ask his or her advice. This is especially important for owners of dogs with conditions such as diabetes or with food sensitivity issues.
Finally, i would like to say kongs are a very useful tool to keep your dog busy throughout the day. I see cases of dogs suffering from self-inflicted wounds which they make due to constant chewing or licking their feet and ... dick. They do this out of boredom when they alone at home. This happens mostly to labradors. If these dogs are kept busy by Kong when their loved ones are not at home, they sure won't face any itchy problems.

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