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Kaitie Swedlund with Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin says Alley was left all alone after her owner, a Vietnam veteran, passed away. Kaitie says he did not leave any provisions for her care or have any family to take her in. Alley ended up spending a month in the empty house alone and without electricity.

On Friday, the Wake Up Wisconsin team had the pleasure of meeting this dog who is truly a bundle of love!
Kaitie says Alley is about 11 years old. She says they think that she would do well in a home with people of all ages as well as cats and other dogs. She mentions Alley does have a preference for smaller dogs though and can get a little intimidated by larger dogs.


Kaitie says the shelter has been so inspired by Alley’s story that they are holding a fundraiser until Veterans Day called Pets4OurVets in partnership with Housing4OurVets.

Kaitie says all funds raised will be split down the middle between the shelter to help more dogs like Alley and Housing4OurVets to allow to help more veterans like Alley’s owner.

If you’d like to take part in the fundraiser, Click here

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