Vets warned to be on lookout after pet suffers ‘burr tongue’ !

Burr are dangerous to pets

Burr tongue is the common name for burdock tongue (also called granular stomatitis or granulomatous glossitis) caused by ingestion of burrs from the burdock plant (Arctium lappa), a form of thistle. The hooked scales of the burrs become embedded in the tongue and gums and can cause an intense foreign body reaction (Thivierge, 1973).

Ruth Wadsworth, who works at Priory Lodge Vet Group, Tonbridge in Kent, contacted Veterinary Times after her long-coated male border collie, Finley, became ill with burr tongue. Neither she nor her colleagues had seen a case before, despite having been in practice for many years. She wants to know how many other vets have come across the condition and to raise awareness of the potential hazard of burdock burrs.

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