How to protect yourself when an aggressive dog attacks you!!

In almost every locality in the world there is a ferocious dangerous dog, sometimes these ferocious dogs are with our neighbor. Many people have been severely bitten or mauled by a dog.
There are ways you can calm the aggressive dog or if you send the wrong signal, the aggression will increase and the dog will attack you.
 Therefore, here are the steps to handle an aggressive dog attack.
Ignore the dog

Do not try to fight it because even if you win, there will be blood all around. Simply stand on your ground, and try to look as bored as possible while looking somewhere next to the dog (no eye contact, but keep him in peripheral vision in case he does lunge).
Even angry-looking dogs don't necessarily want to fight you (unless they've been trained to), they're usually trying to protect something, like their territory, resources, family. 
Their goal is intimidation. After the dog has barked for a while, when he realizes that you're not there to challenge him, he should back off. one thing more, never put your hands in pocket or unnecessarily throw your arms.

What to do if the dog pounce on you

The first thing you should do is scream for help because by screaming some people may come for help. The dog will give up on you by seeing other people.
If you can find a makeshift shield (like a trash can lid, even your hat, your coat), having something in between you and the dog is extremely useful.
 If you can wrap something around your arm (like your own shirt), that will make the bite much less painful. 

Defend against a dog attack

While you are being attacked and bitten, with your reflex, you will want to hold on to somewhere in dog's body to defend yourself. 
Catch hold of his neck.
The neck is the weakest part of most animals; control the neck and you can control the mouth. 
Ideally, you'll want to position yourself behind/over the dog with both hands on its collar, and from here you can choke and restrain him with help from your body weight.

If the dog is yours and biting somebody else

Get behind your dog and straddle its back with your legs to lock it into position, then grab firmly onto its collar with both hands, twist and lift. (A belt is a good makeshift collar if the dog isn't wearing one).
You have to choke the dog a little because he has to let go of his victim before you can do anything else. If he refuses to let go, press your fingers into its throat firmly, which will trigger its gag reflex. you can free any person from dog bite even if the dog is not yours.
I found this video helpfull:

Some don'ts
1.     Run away- the dog will think you are a prey and surely attack you
2.     Hit the dog (only pisses him off, even if you use something hard)
3.     Kick the dog- this is the mistake most people do and bitten on their leg.
4.     Yank or pull your arm back (big dogs love to pull)
5.     Pull on the dog's legs, when trying to get him off of someone else (accomplishes nothing except to hurt the victim more)
A device
here is a device that can protect you from dog attacks. just in case you have to encounter them regularly

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