My dog hates toys please suggest what to do

Question-  Hi, my name is Leila and I have a rescue dog, Regina . 

 I've had him for almost a year now and it was so exciting at first to finally get a dog I have been begging for 3 years , so i went to the shelter and I saw Reggie and fell in love I brought him home and let him settle in. 

he didn't like toys then but I just thought it was new place anxiety, etc well now a month before its a year I bought him toys there's like $700 almost a thousand dollars on toys .

I hope that he will one day just want to play. It is so stressful one day he will play next day he turns his snout at me i am just so exhausted i want a dog that wants to play and not lay around because i am a very active person and my dog isn't so Idk what to do, like he loves to exercise but he hares toys please leave suggestions or something. 

Answer - 

Not trying to set you up for further disappointment, but it sounds to me like he's actually interested and capable of learning the game of fetch! 

You get him all excited, then pause and move outdoors and sort of break that spell! Try teaching him the whole interaction we call fetch indoors! Don't move outside with it until he knows the whole game and loves it!

use food to get him to bring back the ball! Reward profusely when he gets it right! Be animated and silly and whatever it takes to get that first retrieve, then literally flood him with treats and praise!

I think you're much closer to success than you think you are!