Vet n Pet Clinic Piskamore and kanke road Ranchi

 Long ago pet owners in Ranchi were dependent upon Veterinary hospitals in Kanke Ranchi or in other government veterinary hospitals but after the opening, our centers all across Ranchi in pet owners in town are calling our numbers for treatment of their pets. Currently, our centers are located in

1. Pluto Pet Clinic, Kanke Road, Ranchi

2. Dr. Sarkar Pet clinic, Oberia road, Hatia, Ranchi

3. Rahul Pet and Vet Clinic, Piskamore, Ranchi

4. Dr. Kumar's Pet Clinic, Kadru, Hinoo, Ranchi

Call 9934177145 for services in any of these centers

Services available 

Surgical Services


Call us at 9934177145