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Is a Labrador Retriever a good apartment dog?

Contrary to popular belief, Labradors are not good apartment dogs. They are high energy dogs and require regular and steady exercise. 

Labrador- Facts

In fact, it is not where a labrador sleeps at night, it is "where labrador spends his active daytime." 

There are those people who are exceptional and keep labs in apartments and care very well for them by going out several times a day for energy release and play for the dogs.

Most people either cannot or will not venture out many times a day for a dog that requires it because of the conditions they live in.

Labradors are undoubtedly the number one breed dog in this country. This is mostly because of their temperament. They try to adjust to every situation and in every space

Labrador requires more exercise than a Great Dane or a Greyhound. 

How much exercise a labrador needs!

If you walk a labrador he or she requires 45 minutes of walk. Whether young or old, big or small, yellow, black, chocolate, from field lines or show lines, your Labrador needs exercise.  Exercise helps your Labrador grow more blood vessels and effectively oxygenate his body, and lack of it just the opposite. 

see in these videos how to exercise a labrador and how much

That was just "fetch" exercise

Here is a video on every about labradors

Top 5 tip to choose the right breed of dog for you!!

Tips to choose dogs

This is the most asked question. I have answered this question a million times may be, without knowing the right answer. Actually, this question raises more questions. What kind of person are you? A lazy one? or Early to wake up in morning? are you lonely? Do you live in an Apartment or in a house? or in the countryside may be! so many nasty questions! The answer depends on "why do you want to keep a dog at all?

Sometimes, people already have a dog in their mind and come to me to second that!

things to consider

#1 The trend


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Yes, the trend. What is being shown on TV. What the billboards say! Which dog do you see are with celebrities? Pug earlier unknown in India became most popular breed after Vodafone advertised them in their television ads. The yellow lab became popular after Marley and me

These trends become so powerful that your common sense won't work. Or simply speaking you will be out of your brain and buy the wrong breed of the dog thinking it right. Perhaps this is the reason here in the town of Ranchi people are buying Siberian Huski - here the temperature goes up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. God help them!!

#2 The kind of person you are

The kind of person you are decides the kind of dog suits you. If you are a lazy person to take your dog for a walk and want him to get relieved in your toilet then a smaller breed of dog will suit you. If you are a family with children then a friendly dog such as Labrador or a pug will do. 

#3 The house you live in

Are you lucky to live in a big house! Any large breed of dog will suit you. Great Danes, Saint Bernard, Siberian Huski ... you name it. If you live in an apartment certainly a medium-sized to the small breed of dogs. I have seen many Labrador, the German shepherd to successfully spent their lives in an apartment, though you do have to take him out once a day. There is a separate post in this topic ..Breed of dogs suited for apartment


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#4 why choose dog

Why choose dog? Why don't you go to a kennel and let the dog choose you! This has exactly happened to one of my clients. She went to a kennel. there was this weak labrador pup looked in her eye and Bingo! The pup was with her.

#5 What is your budget?

How much you intend to spend on your dog? The first year cost too much. The vaccination is expensive. The food cost is too high for a large sized dog.