We Love Dogs

We love the animals we treat. We love dogs. This is what makes us best veterinary doctor in Ranchi. We are just a phone call away. Call 9934177145 now to get appointments.

Dogs make a family complete

Dogs are inseparable part of family. This is why we at Vetpetz Ranchi aim to take care all your Pets needs. We are truely vet for your pets. Justdial 9934177145 for appointments. Our team always there to assist you.

Dogs and cats are our perfect companion

Pet care center with a difference. We have Veterinary doctor in all our network dog hostels. Call 7209919859 to get appointment or visit our Vetpetz Ranchi Pet clinic in Kanke Road Ranchi

If at the end of the day you Smell Like a dog

We at Vet Ranchi say "It was a good day". This is what happens to each of our team member, when they return home at night they smell more like dogs. That is our dedication to serve dogs and their owners. Call 9934177145 for appointmets.

Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen

We at Vet Ranchi have three vets in Ranchi and two paravets. Dr. suranjan Sarkar, chief veterinarian, Mr ajay paravet, Mr rahul, paravets trained as fluicd therapy specialist. All our vets and paravets have one quality , they know how to listen to pets problem. Call 9934177145 for appointments.

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want to track pets? get a bluetooth GPS Pet tracker!

Are you having a hard time finding your pet in your house or worried that your pet may be stolen! It is high time to get a pet tracker. There are two types, we discuss them both.

Blue-tooth trackers


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a. No need sim card;

b. Mini side as a coin.


a. Distance limits, when connecting only with a phone, range less than 100m;

b. battery standby time is short and has to change new batteries frequently.

Pet GPS trackers:


a. No distance limits, once the device on, you can track it at any corner of the world;

b. Rechargeable inbuilt battery with long standby time.


a. Needs a sim card to work.

b. bigger dimension than blue-tooth ones.

In conclusion, nowadays, GPS pet tracker becomes smaller and smaller. Like RF-V30 mini pet GPS tracker with lovely paw shape and high quality. People all over the world start to love it. It has rolling sensor LED lights, being on in darkness automatically, which makes it much easier to find your loved pet at night.


Pet GPS trackers are preferred by insurance companies also. They charge less premium for the pets wearing these trackers.